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Our Services
Tax Planning
Making a profitable business and/or life style means you will inevitably have tax consequences in the future. South African tax law is complex and constantly changing, but there are still opportunities to be pro-active and minimise taxes.
Business Advice
Benefit from our years of experience working with various businesses and individuals and get efficient, straight forward and convenient advice to start your business right first time.
Payroll outsourcing is the most efficient and cost effective way to manage your payroll operations. Assigning costs directly to the processing efforts reduces excessive payments that include idle and wasted time.
Managing your company's funds requires a great deal of planning to make sure everything falls within your budget. This also calls for in-depth knowledge of accounting and tax planning, so you can maintain a proper financial plan for your business.
Other Services
Financial Planning
Provide clients with a range of integrated financial services solutions.
We provide a limited bookkeeping service at clients premises.
Auditing Services
Provide independent audit services designed to help enhance the reliability of information
Business Health Checks
Assist you to analyze your financial and business data.

Our meeting with you both on Wednesday exceeded anything that I have experienced with the previous accountants. You were on time, extended a warm welcome, kept to the subject, answered all our questions with patience and knowledge and went further to advise information that we were not aware of. Your follow-up was excellent.
Jamie Scott
Ally Accounting has been our accountant for years and we have found them highly professional and proactive on our behalf. Their approach is collaborative and they take the time to understand the client’s total business.
Matthew Botha
I became a client approximately 18 months ago as I was frustrated with the lack of communication and proactive advice from my existing accountant. I was attracted to Ally Accounting because I was referred to them by a business associate and I knew they were a leader in the adoption of new technologies and systems in the accounting field that would help me manage my business better.
Raeesa Mohammed
I have found Ally Accounting to be very professional and efficient and I am very happy with the service I have received. I will not hesitate to recommend you to my colleagues and friends. Thanks for all your assistance and advice, both past and in the future.
Patrick Smith